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Are you ready to get started?

Our desire is to help the Church be unified in prayer.

We're stepping out in faith and looking for Churches who are willing to do the same. The first 100 Churches who are interested in using the PrayerBox will be able to pay whatever their church can afford. We'll bring the fish. You bring the loaves.

We believe if we offer up prayer over both, that great things will happen.

The PrayerBox App helps unify your church in prayer.

Unlimited Contacts
We'll never limit how many people sign up to engage with you on your Church's PrayerBox
Unlimited Updates
Create as much or as little updates for your Church community.
Unlimited Subscribers
Subscribers receive automated newsletters and prayer notices.
Unlimited Creativity
Use your Church's colors, logos, and branding to create a custom experience.
Unlimited Devices
What you create is automatically responsive to all devices!
Unlimited Reach
Develop a relationship with your members via direct messaging, commenting and sharing features.

Your Church PrayerBox is just a click away!

Get in touch with our team!


Do I need to give a credit card to sign up?

Yes! When you tell us what you can give, we will send over a link for you to pay with your credit card.

How long does it take to create my PrayerBox?

Once we collect your Church logo and ask a few questions we can have it over to you on the same day.

Can anyone sign up to use PrayerBox


What type of Channels can I create with PrayerBox

PrayerBox comes with three channels for your members. We can add more channels if necessary.

Are their limitations on the amount of contacts allowed to register?

No. The more the merrier!

How do I email requests and content into the PrayerBox?

Once we setup your PrayerBox app we will email you the instructions along with the private post-by-email addresses for you to use.

How do I cancel our use of PrayerBox?

You can email and we will cancel your service.

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